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    ....WE make a great team! Your life is so exciting and is happening at warp speed! Your life is unique to you and I am all ears! I am excited to hear about your Engagement and your Wedding! I am excited to know more about the ultrasound image you are holding in your hand! And, I am excited to document your every day miracles of life; High School Seniors, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties and more!

    "Marian Ashley is amazing! I literally scroll through our wedding pictures several times a week just to admire the wonderful memories she captured. After meeting with Marian the first time, it was as if I knew her all of my life. From that day forward she made sure we got what we wanted when it came to our wedding photography. I could never thank her enough for the precious pictures she took. You will have no regrets when choosing Marian!!!!!"

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Can’t Wait For Gentry…….Spartanburg Maternity Photographer | Greenville Maternity Photographer

I met this precious couple this past Saturday at the GORGEOUS Glendale Shoals! What a fantastic day it was! Spring was in the air and so was the excitement over Gentry! You see, Gentry is the little boy being carried so gently by his adorable mama! He is due any day now….well, not technically until April 1st but who’s counting, right? Gentry is already loved by so many! I can’t wait to meet this little guy and watch this family of two blossom into a family of three!



And Baby Makes Four…….Spartanburg Family Photographer | Greenville Family Photographer

This sweet little boy is about to become a big brother! Levi is ready…I can tell! He already knows so much about tractors…what else does a big brother need to teach the new family member, right? I am thrilled for my sweet friends as they begin their journey as a family of four! I could not be more happy for them! Stay tuned….you will see Levi’s baby brother or sister in the fall!


This Just Happened……….Greenville Wedding Photographer | Spartanburg Wedding Photographer | Greenville Family Photographer | Spartanburg Family Photographer


Wow! Just WOW! The rain has held out today, the sun is shining and then I get an email about THIS! Out of only 4 images submitted to the Shoot-and-Share Contest, one of mine is a finalist! According to the latest numbers, here is where it all stands:

18,632,585 votes have been cast
690,096 every day
28,754 every hour
479 every minute
7.99 every second
37,827 different people have voted
20:54 minutes on average spent voting
7 years, 52 days, 22 hours, 58 minutes of time spent voting
110,928 photos started

That is A LOT of photos! I am beyond excited!

I will let you all know if we win!

Perspective…. Greenville Family Photographer | Spartanburg Family Photographer

Just sharing a bit of what is on my heart today. I will try to be brief! =)

My son, Cade, is 11 years old and recently had a LARGE knot appear on his neck. (See Photo Below) The Doctors told me this was no big deal unless it changed in size or became tender/sore to Cade. (Diagnosis was an infected lymph node.) Antibiotics were prescribed and we went about our 10 days of watching/waiting for the antibiotic to knock this out. Yesterday, Cade woke up complaining of his neck being really sore (this is day 12 post diagnosis). It drove him to tears which of course, tore my heart to pieces. In my opinion, the node had become larger and as expected, I became nervous. Immediately ‘mom brain’ starts going over all scenarios…..Why isn’t the infection going away; Why is it now sore when before it wasn’t; Is it really an infected lymph node or something worse?

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to see our Family Doctor. So, off to Greenville Children’s Hospital Emergency Room. They were so very gracious and concerned with our well being as much as they were as to helping us locate the reason why the infection had not subsided. After 6 hours in the ER, we were assured it was still an infection in his lymph node. A simple infection and not anything worse! Praise God! A different and more targeted antibiotic was prescribed and we went about what was left of our day.

I write all of this to say, God is good! Times are tough but GOD IS GOOD! This ‘scare’ with Cade has given me a brighter perspective on things that might normally have dragged me down. I know many would agree with me when I say, if you have your HEALTH, you have SO VERY MUCH! PLEASE be thankful for your health! If you are not in the best of health, do what it takes to get there! Life is good and full of opportunities to serve God and serve others! Being sick, and enjoying being sick for attention sake (which happens more often than you would think), is simply stupid!

Stay Healthy!


The Atcheson Brothers…….Greenville Family Photographer | Greenville Children’s Photographer

These boys warm my heart! Connor is now 4 and is always inquisitive! He loves to ask questions but he also loves to share what he knows! He is so smart, so cute and always makes me smile! His little brother Carson is no exception! How can you not smile when you see his gorgeous big eyes and that grin? We gathered together one afternoon to document Carson turning ONE! Wow! It’s hard to believe he is already a year old! I loved being able to document these two separately and together! I love seeing their bond and to see them Facetime with their Daddy! Both boys’ faces lit up when Daddy magically appeared on Mommy’s phone! We had a great time together and I hope you enjoy their images as much as I do!