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    ....WE make a great team! Your life is so exciting and is happening at warp speed! Your life is unique to you and I am all ears! I am excited to hear about your Engagement and your Wedding! I am excited to know more about the ultrasound image you are holding in your hand! And, I am excited to document your every day miracles of life; High School Seniors, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties and more!

    "Marian Ashley is amazing! I literally scroll through our wedding pictures several times a week just to admire the wonderful memories she captured. After meeting with Marian the first time, it was as if I knew her all of my life. From that day forward she made sure we got what we wanted when it came to our wedding photography. I could never thank her enough for the precious pictures she took. You will have no regrets when choosing Marian!!!!!"

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Last Full Day of School Eve……………….Passionate Mom Photographer

Well… we are. We are one day away from the last full day of school! My 11 year old is taking exams and my kindergartener is watching movies and having Fun Day today. Why is 5K such an ‘end of an era’ time? It is supposed to be the beginning, right? Why do I feel so much older because I don’t have a pre-schooler or kindergartener? I mean really…it’s not like they are graduating High School! But still, it DOES feel like an end of an era. I have been a Pre-School/Kindergarten mom for 11 years. After Friday, that season of my life is over. I guess if you haven’t been in this same situation, it’s a bit hard to understand! Regardless of any bittersweet feelings I have, I know I am sure of two things: 1) I am so thankful to God for giving me 2 healthy children who can go to school, learn and have fun! I am so thankful they enjoy school as well! Which leads me to my 2nd thing…2) I am SO thankful for good teachers!

Claire’s teacher this year is about to close out her first year of teaching post Clemson! I’ll admit, my mommy doubt snuck in when I found out this would be her first year of teaching. Here we are in August 2014 at ‘Meet The Teacher’. ‘Would she be too hard?’, ‘Would she be too relaxed?’, ‘Would these kids smell her fear?’ (ha!). Once again, God was looking out for my sweet Claire and placed her in the most perfect of classrooms. Miss Fortner has been such a blessing to Claire and to me! She is loving, passionate about her work and her ‘babies’ and allows these children to crave learning! Claire has a natural curiosity for things but Miss Fortner truly perfected her curiosity and allowed to to lay a fabulous foundation. Claire is reading at a beginning 2nd Grade level! Claire’s writing has improved so very much since the first day of school! And, Claire can read so well! I can say with confidence, these milestones were met and exceeded due to Miss Fortner. She has been transparent with me as a parent. Transparency in the classroom is so vitally important! I feel as if I am there at school with Claire!

I could go on and on but I will say this. Good teachers are so very hard to find; GREAT teachers are even harder to find! If you have a good teacher, and especially if you have a GREAT teacher, tell them! Tell them how thankful you are to them! Tell them because we all know, teachers are NOT paid enough! So, ‘Thank You’ Miss Fortner for being YOU! Thank you for loving on my Claire and all the other ‘friends’ who walk through your door every morning! Thank you for being mom to them when someone hurts their feelings or they just need a hug! Thank you for making learning fun!

We are forever blessed to have you in our lives!

(By the way, each student introduced themselves at the 5K Graduation and stated what they wanted to be when they grew up. My girl said, ‘My name is Claire Loftis. When I grow up, I want to be a Photographer!’ Atta girl, baby doll! Atta girl!)


Blake & Selvy | Wedding Rehearsal | The Lazy Goat…………..Greenville Wedding Photographer

Last night was amazing! I had the honor of photographing the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner for Blake and Selvy at The Lazy Goat in gorgeous Greenville, South Carolina, on the banks of the Reedy River! This restaurant has always been a favorite of mine. When you add great people and great food on an amazing night, then it is most definitely a great party! As much as I enjoyed the beautiful decorations, the weather and the smiles on everyone’s faces, I think my favorite part was the joy each guest showed as they mingled. With every hug, kiss and good wish the Bride-to-Be and Groom-to-Be received, it was as if you could feel the love swelling from within the four walls.

To Blake’s Mom, Karen, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such an amazing night! You all welcomed me as if we had been friends for ages! Thank you!

To Blake and Selvy, God’s blessings on both of you as you begin your life together! #sieberfever


Six Pounds Of Sweetness…………..Greenville Newborn Photographer

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Upstate’s newest residents! Miss Adelyn is here and simply adorable! At a sweet 6 pounds, she is the perfect addition to her family! I loved how bright eyed she was for our session! Especially when we went outside. The cool spring breezes seemed to soothe her and her bright eyes soaked it all in! I hope you take a few moments to enjoy her sweetness with a few favorites and a slide show of even more!

Congratulations! She is absolutely perfect!


And They’re Off! 2015 Amazing Chase / Impact Sports International Spartanburg Event Photographer

This past Saturday was GORGEOUS! What a perfect day to run around downtown Spartanburg eating hot wings, being locked in a COFFIN (Say What?), learning to dance and learning CPR (Lord help us if any of the participants are near us in a time of need!)

Impact Sports International is a Christian sports ministry that uses sports to share the Gospel here in the states and around the world. This is the 2nd Annual Chase and I was pleased to be a member of their Media Team. Stations were set up all around downtown Spartanburg and tasks were given at each. Some tasks were mental, some physical and some BOTH! All were fun and soo much fun to shoot! I have to say, the funniest shots came from my friends at the ‘coffin’! Oh my word! NO WAY would I be the locked up! I can feel my throat closing up as I type!

Take a moment to look at a few of my favorites (the hubs was running the CPR station-no relevance to the comment above! ha!). And, if you would like any of your images from the Chase, please click HERE.