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    ....WE make a great team! Your life is so exciting and is happening at warp speed! Your life is unique to you and I am all ears! I am excited to hear about your Engagement and your Wedding! I am excited to know more about the ultrasound image you are holding in your hand! And, I am excited to document your every day miracles of life; High School Seniors, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties and more!

    "Marian Ashley is amazing! I literally scroll through our wedding pictures several times a week just to admire the wonderful memories she captured. After meeting with Marian the first time, it was as if I knew her all of my life. From that day forward she made sure we got what we wanted when it came to our wedding photography. I could never thank her enough for the precious pictures she took. You will have no regrets when choosing Marian!!!!!"

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Griffin is Nine Months Old…………Greenville Children’s Photographer | Nine Month Baby Photographer

Gosh…I love this family and this sweet boy who is now 9 months old! How in the world is he already 9 months old? He is such a sweet little thing! I always love visiting with Griffin and of course, his sweet mama! The day of our shoot, Daddy happened to be home and he was able to get Griffin to grin from ear to ear! Thanks Daddy! Of course, Mom didn’t slack off in the grinning department either. There is a little phrase Griffin’s grandfather says and I love the reaction it gets from Griffin. When Griffin’s mom says, ‘What’s a fella to do?’, Griffin smiles so big and put his hands up as if he is saying, ‘Well, I don’t know…’ ADORABLE!

I have loved watching Griffin grow over the past months. Just as the seasons change, I’ve watched Griffin change throughout his first season of life! From Newborn to a scooting baby, I’ve been able to document it all! I am one blessed photographer!

Grab some coffee and take a look at this sweet face of his. If you don’t grin from ear to ear, just like Griffin, it might be time to go back to bed!



Welcome to the Word, Paisley……………..Spartanburg Newborn Photographer

I have always enjoyed photographing newborn babies! This precious little girl and I spent some time together on Monday. She was such a good girl! Of course I photographed those feet; if you follow my blog at all you know how obsessed I am with baby feet! And, will you just look at her cheeks and lips!? Isn’t she a beauty! I loved meeting this amazing Christmas gift given to these precious parents! Please help me welcome Miss Paisley to our big world!


The Dunlap Family…..Greenville Family Photographer

I have the privilege of photographing a lot of people. I love meeting new people and finding out more about each and every one! I met the Dunlaps a couple years ago; in fact, right after they had found out they were pregnant for the second time! So, I was more than happy to not only see the Dunlap family again but meet their newest family member! There are two things that stand out to me about the Dunlaps. They love one another so much. You can tell by being around them their bond is strong! Also, they are very genuine! They are true to themselves and that character trait is so very absent in today’s society. Yet, isn’t it refreshing when you see it in such an amazing family!

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet family!

(Prepare yourself…I had A LOT of favorites!)


An Afternoon with the Perrys………………Glendale Mill | Spartanburg Family Photographer

Life is busy right now isn’t it? So much to do before school lets out for the Christmas break. So many parties, games, church events, work, etc…the list can go on and on…and it does! But, my friend Kristen recognized ‘life’ needed to be put on hold for one hour so we could document her precious family! You see, their youngest is celebrating his very first Christmas this year! What a milestone for this little guy! I am so glad schedules could be calmed and sicknesses kept at bay, so we could meet at the Historic Glendale Mill and take these precious images of a family close to my heart!

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites and also their slide show! This family is awesome!


Our 98th Thanksgiving as Family…..

There is a place where there is a lot of laughter, cups upon cups of coffee, necks being hugged and songs being sung and of course, more food than necessary. Sounds like Heaven, right? Well, until we ‘All Get To Heaven’ (if you’re a good church-goer you have this song in your mind right now), we will enjoy our little bit of Heaven on earth…we call it Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t just ‘that holiday before Black Friday or Christmas.’ For our family, its a time to stop whatever life has thrown our way and travel hours to meet one another! We do what is necessary to put ‘life’ on hold so we can celebrate the family God chose to place us into! It is in fact, God’s divine intervention for us to be a family of Davis’! This year, if I am not mistaken, we had over 130 family members and guests in attendance! That’s a lot of turkey!

Growing up, my dad had a bumper sticker that never made it to our Caprice Classic. In fact, someone must have given it to my Dad because Daddy NEVER would have put a bumper sticker on a car! It read,

‘American by birth,
Southern by the grace of God.’

As a kid, I never really appreciated the humor. As an adult, I think its hysterical because if memory serves me right, my Uncle, a retiree of Southern Railroad, gave it to him! See….you thought it was a North vs. South thing!

I also think I could change up the words a bit and it be a more accurate statement today…

“American by birth,
Davis by the Grace of God.”

‘Thanks be to God.’