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Carter is T-W-O!!

Its amazing how fast my sweet baby cousins are growing! Take this sweet Carter for instance; wasn’t it just a few months ago he was born? Where does the time go? We were able to meet one Saturday morning and we had such a good time! Not only because we were spending time together but we took amazing shots of this gorgeous family! Check out their images and slide show! There are maybe a few shots you didn’t expect to see!



Grow Old Along With Me….

Tonight was a first for me! I have photographed hundreds of couples but, this was the first time I was able to capture a proposal! I did what any good photographer would do…..I dressed in black, camouflage and hid in the woods! I found my spot before our couple arrived, covered myself in a black sheet and hoped to goodness no one saw me until it was time! Thankfully, my preparations paid off! Devin and Rachel descended down the hill to one of the most gorgeous spots in South Carolina…The Poinsett Bridge! After a few seconds of checking things out, Devin wasted no time and got down on one knee and told the love of his life how much he loved her and asked her to be his wife! Mercy! I had chills, my heart was beating fast and realizing how blessed I am to have captured this moment for two people who hold such a special place in my heart! Time stood still during those precious moments and of course, she said ‘YES’!

Congratulations Devin and Rachel! You both are so sweet not only to whomever you meet, but to one another! The love and respect you both have will carry you through your marriage for many years! God bless you both!


A Home For Roman

This past Sunday I met an adorable blue-eyed baby boy! Mercy! I don’t know what I loved more about Roman. Was it his gorgeous blue eyes? Was it his squishy cheeks? Maybe the chunky thighs! Either way, falling in love with Roman was no problem! He is a doll! And, meeting his mom and dad was a pleasure as well! As his mom and I were getting to know one another, she shared with me how they were determined to find a home for Roman. For in fact, there is nothing like having a place to call home and they wanted that home to be a house. A house filled with love. So, they did it! After only a few days of being in their new home, I came to document this exciting time in their life! New baby, new home, endless possibilities! And most definitely, a home filled with love to surround all who live there!

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your precious family!



Hunter is TWO !!!

I have known Lindsay for over seven years! She has an infectious smile and an even better laugh! LOVE her! What an amazing treat for me to watch her go from single, to married, to new mom… now a mother of a precious two year old boy! It has to be one of the highlights of my career….to watch someone’s life unfold in front of you! Hunter is an adorable, brown-eyed boy! He is precious in every way and so smart! We talked numbers, letters and tacos during our shoot! Whatever works, right?

Love you guys! Kiss that boy for me!


My Favorite Day Of The Year

Why is September 12th my favorite day? Well, really it’s not. September 12th is just another day for me but not for my son. Today is NOT his birthday but rather, today is his 6th Grade ‘School Picture Day’! THAT makes it my favorite day! I love seeing my kids practicing their smiles in the mirror and choosing just the right clothes! Claire had her picture day about 2 weeks ago and was adamant her hair bow was ‘just right’! It got me to thinking about how we as adults shun the camera, whether it be a professional one or camera phone, every time we see it! YET, if we take a selfie (really hate that word), we are INITIATING the dreaded photo! Why? Why do we have fun with selfies vs the ones others take? I think it all has to do with how relaxed we are! Selfies are meant to be carefree, fun and 100% ‘in the moment’. OH MY GOSH! That is exactly how I want my clients to feel when we are shooting!!! What better way to capture the LIFE happening in your life at that moment! REAL moments include booger picking from 2 year olds! Screaming fits happen with newborns (and some adults! ha!). Bruises happen, bad haircuts happen (see my 6th grade photo below…two words for ya….HOT MESS! ) and so do runny noses (can I get an ‘Amen’ from the allergy sufferers?)!

To coin one of my favorite phrases from one of my favorite movies (Sweet Home Alabama! Yay for Reese Witherspoon!), ‘I’m just sayin’ is all.’
Reese: ‘WHAT? What are you just saying?’

All I am saying is RELAX! Don’t try so hard! Don’t Google ‘how to look skinny in photos’, ‘how to make my neck look longer’ or ‘how to not look like I have a gut’. If you are going to Google anything, Google this: How to slow down and enjoy the moment! God gives us moments; moments of laughter and moments of joy. HE gives us moments of sadness and intense pain. Whatever moment you are in, be IN IT! And, if its one you want to capture, I’m your girl! Its what I LOVE to do!

6th Grade photo