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    ....WE make a great team! Your life is so exciting and is happening at warp speed! Your life is unique to you and I am all ears! I am excited to hear about your Engagement and your Wedding! I am excited to know more about the ultrasound image you are holding in your hand! And, I am excited to document your every day miracles of life; High School Seniors, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties and more!

    "Marian Ashley is amazing! I literally scroll through our wedding pictures several times a week just to admire the wonderful memories she captured. After meeting with Marian the first time, it was as if I knew her all of my life. From that day forward she made sure we got what we wanted when it came to our wedding photography. I could never thank her enough for the precious pictures she took. You will have no regrets when choosing Marian!!!!!"

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The Ragsdale Family

“Family is the most important thing in the world.’ …..Princess Diana

Every year, I document this gorgeous family!
Every year, we shoot at their home.
Every year, I grow to love them more and more!

I love how Ashley wants their family photographed at their home. A place where these adorable children feel safe, nurtured and loved. I love how the house that holds them is just a building but the essence of family is their real home! So, as you browse some of my favorites from their session, I hope you see this family’s love because family is the most important thing in the world!


The Mayfield Family…

Love this family! Only 7 short years ago, Mandy and I became fast friends. As a fellow photographer we always have PLENTY to talk about! From F/stops to the funny things our kids do, we always have a reason to meet for lunch or for a fun photo shoot! This past Friday we met for about 45 minutes and rocked out these fun images of her sweet family! Her daughter Carter is full of personality! Can’t you tell? Ha! Love her!

Thanks Mandy for asking me to shoot your family! ha! That never gets old! (Sorry….photographer joke!) Check out the images below where Carter is hugging her Daddy! I’ve always heard the tighter the hug, the more you love! She nailed it! Sweetness!



Gorgeous Day, Gorgeous Family

It is an amazing fall day in the state of South Carolina! In fact, as our Governor, Nikki Haley, would say, ‘It’s a great day in South Carolina!’ The weather today reminds me of this past Saturday’s weather when I met the Califf family for a quick photo shoot. They were such a pleasure to meet! Not only are they such a nice family but the amount of love between all of them is so obvious! This family gathered together to celebrate their Dad’s birthday! So, without further adieu, here are a few favorites of mine! Happy Birthday, Jim!


Be Our Guest…

As a mom, I rarely have someone wanting to serve me. I am always doing for my kids. And, as much as I love it, I have to say it is nice when I can be someone’s guest. That is how I feel at every Wedding I photograph. I am that Bride and Grooms’ guest; a working guest but a guest none the less! When I second shoot with other talented photographers in the area, I feel the same way! I treat second shooting a wedding as if I were the primary photographer! I am thrilled to be able to, even if for one day, peek into this amazing relationship between Bride and Groom! So, not only would I like to say ‘thank you’ for allowing me to shoot with you fellow photographers, but a HUGE ‘THANK YOU’ to the Bride and Groom who allowed me to be their guest!

Here are a few of my favorites from a spring wedding! Be looking out for more Second Shooting Samples here on Marian Ashley Photography!


Welcome Baby Mallory

This family is so special to me! I have photographed Max and Sydney since before they were born (aka: maternity…ha!) To watch this family grow into a gorgeous family of five is such an honor for me! We had a great session at their home and the twins LOVED showing me around and talking to me….a lot! They are too cute! I loved listening to them talk to each other, show me their rooms and giggle about their new baby sister! Watching them hold her was adorable! I think they will be very protective of baby Mallory! She is such a precious addition to this already amazing family!

Congratulations! XOXOXOX