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A Bright Spot To My Day….

Recently, I had the honor of photographing one of my favorite families! The Bright family are so very special to our family. My husband went to school with Jonathan and Mary Beth. I had the privilege of meeting both of them when we attended church together. I could not believe how much their gorgeous children had grown! The girls are such sweet and beautiful young women and that silly Cameron still gives me a million different faces which ALWAYS make me laugh!
I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites. It was very, very hard to choose only a few!


So Much Love Here….

I think one of the privileges of being a photographer is watching a dynamic between people unfold in front of my eyes. Take for example these three siblings. You can tell by how they interact, how much they love one another! And, I am going to tell you the image of all three of them standing under the bridge opening is even more priceless than the others! Why? The simple way Luke is smiling and looking upon his big brother with such awe! He is looking up to you, Jace! I adore these children and it is always so much fun photographing them! Not to mention I get to play a bit of catch up with their sweet mama too!

Enjoy my favorites!


Starting the Weekend Off With A Bang…

These two are a perfect way to start my weekend! I love the feeling of the weekend coming on and I love having these two starting my weekend off with a bang! These boys keep me on my toes and I leave our sessions knowing I have captured something great! These two are best friends and you can tell it when they are ‘wrestling’ with each other! I love their laughter when these two are playing! I have so many favorites from this session! Many of the photos of them together, I couldn’t decide if I liked them better in color or black and white…decisions…decisions! Regardless, here are a few of my favorites!


Ansley & Oliver

I have been photographing Ansley for two years (I think I am right on that…it could be three!). I have photographed Oliver before he was born! I LOVE watching these two in front of my camera! It is so much fun to watch the dynamic between the two! I love watching Oliver grow into discovering all that is around him! As I went through these images, I kept hearing Ansley say ‘Cheese’ and hearing her laugh! Her laugh is out-of-this-world cute! They are, simply put, precious babies and I have the awesome responsibility of showcasing their sweet smiles and faces to you!


The Corey Family

This family is gorgeous aren’t they? I had the honor of photographing them at Poole’s Mill for one of our mini sessions! I can’t wait to photograph them again! How precious are their children? Their dark brown eyes lured me in instantaneously! I REALLY wish we had more time to shoot! The location, the subjects and the wonderful weather that day really made it hard to stop! Until next time my friends!

Here are a few of my favorites!