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Waiting on Baby Henry….

My friend Rachel and I had so much fun at her maternity session this past Saturday! She is a photographer’s dream come true! She NEVER complained about the heat or climbing stairs for me! She allowed me to try different shots and remained looking refreshed and GORGEOUS the entire time! She is a mere six weeks away from meeting the new man in her life! Henry Lewis is due September 10th! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from her session!

A HUGE thank you to her sweet mama for joining us and helping us!

I can’t wait to meet Henry!


Mr. Jake Cash – Class of 2015

Remember being a High School Senior! I sure do! I remember thinking…’This is it! I have finally made it to where the rest of MY life can start!’ The innocent anticipation of the rest of your life is a great way to describe a Senior’s High School year! There is so much excitement as you live in each moment and so much anticipation as you think about the ‘what ifs’! Congratulations Jake! This next year of your life will be extremely exciting, memorable and simply awesome! Enjoy every step you take!


Girls Morning Out…

I like the sound of today’s blog post title, don’t you? Any time a girl, especially us moms, can get a morning or an evening out, we jump at the chance! That is exactly what I did when my friend, Wendy Duke, asked me to attend the Girls Morning Out with her! I jumped at the chance to photograph her! She is an amazing speaker and author! Wendy is launching a new book,

. I encourage you to get your copy because it will be a blessing to read! I have already ordered my copy!

Take a few moments to browse through the images you see from the amazing speakers featured at the inaugural GMO! The featured speakers were Lt. Tony Ivey from the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Department, Rob Dempsey from HIS Radio, Wendy Duke (Hooray!) and Tommy Bobo; Assistant Head Coach at Dorman High (Go Cavs!).

This event is sponsored by Restoration Church. Please ‘like’ their Facebook Page to get details on the next GMO! And while you are on FB, don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ the Marian Ashley Photo FB Page!

A HUGE ‘THANK YOU’ to Miranda Petit for putting on such a fun time! Looking forward to GMO #2!


Fourth It Up!

July 4, 2014……Celebrating our Country’s Independence was a fantastic reason to get together with family!

My sister, Martha, and her husband, John, went WELL out of their way to have everything perfectly ready for us! We were a big crowd and they were ready! From food to sleeping arrangements, they had us covered! Not to mention numerous jet ski rides, boat rides and gator rides! My kids were constantly in the water! Claire is my little mermaid and would run to jump into the lake…..over and over again!

We were able to celebrate Cade’s birthday at the lake as well! We have NEVER been able to celebrate Cade’s or Claire’s birthday with their only cousins. So, even though Cade doesn’t officially turn 11 until the 29th, we took advantage of the moment! He had so much fun having his cousins celebrate with him!

Do you see those fish? Martha was able to take our kids to Rock Creek Marina for a fish feeding frenzy (say that 5 times fast)! These fish have been hand fed and now will actually eat/drink from a baby bottle! All we needed was crushed saltines and a little lake water and we were in business! One actually drank from Cade’s bottle! It was so cool and he was crazy proud! I tried to get the fish to nip at my feet. After all, not too long ago that was the latest pedicure craze, right? Well, the fish didn’t go for it so needless to say, I am still in need of a pedicure!

I hope you enjoy a few, okay a lot, of our images commemorating our Fourth! We got our ‘Fourth’ on just how we liked it; plenty of food, plenty of coffee and plenty of family time!


Martha’s Cherry Cake and Mom’s Fresh Blackberry Cobbler…..Oh my sugah! And don’t forget that gorgeous and yummy bruschetta topped with strawberries and basil with a drizzle of balsamic glaze! Happy!


(If you missed my Dad rockin’ those white socks, look again! Way to go Diddy!)

Rock, Paper, Scissors….SHOOT!

Saturday, my sweet, new friend Morgan and her fiance, Kevin, were married! They began their ‘Happily Ever After’ at Lindsey Plantation in Taylors, SC. What a gorgeous piece of property situated with God’s gorgeous handiwork all around! One thing Morgan and I talked about before her big day was something unique she and Kevin did. A sweet little saying, a secret handshake or a game, perhaps! She told me they usually play Rock, Paper, Scissors! I loved it! I could not wait to photograph them playing ‘their’ game! The main thing I noticed throughout their furiously played game was not only do they have fun together but Kevin makes Morgan smile like no one else! The entire day she was grinning from ear to ear! Isn’t that how all relationships should be? Regardless of how many times they play ‘their’ game, they will both ALWAYS win as long as they are together!

Congratulations to you both! I could not be more ecstatic to see the amazing things God does with your lives!