Folly Beach | 2017

I have yet to meet one person who doesn’t love Folly Beach! There is just something about Folly that lends itself to total beach living and relaxation! So, when my friend Ashley and I decided to take the kids to Charleston for a few days, I told her I wouldn’t mind taking my camera and having a little ‘Fotoshoot on Folly.’ And, come to find out, she had NEVER been to Folly! I was thrilled to introduce her to one of my favorite beach locations ever! So, on the first night of our stay, we loaded up the kids and off we went! And, much to my expectation, she loved it as much as I did! Who wouldn’t fall in love with the Morris Island Lighthouse in the distance, driftwood on the beach and the waves crashing onto shore and onto the rocks!

Thanks for checking out some of my images from our session! Beach sessions are probably one of the top 3 types of sessions I will ever shoot! So, as I head to Destin on July 29th, if you are in the area and interested in a shoot, please email me at!

Ashley-Thanks for taking time off from reality to hang out with my kids and I! We love you like family and are so thankful for your place in our lives and hearts! XOXOXO

(Here is a funny side note: As I was getting my camera out of my bag on Folly, I hear someone say, ‘That looks like Marian Loftis!’ WHAT? I stand up, turn around and see four of the sweetest faces ever….MY FAMILY! I was able to see my two cousins, Bryan and Melyssa, and their super sweet spouses! OH MY GOSH! I mean what are the chances!??? And, come to find out, their parents and grandparents were staying at a house on Folly as well! What? What!? I HAD to hug their necks so after our shoot, off to the home they had rented! Thank you God for that super sweet time, albeit only 30 minutes, with my precious family!)


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