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If you are like me, you have researched and researched all over the internet trying to find the right fit. The right fit for car repairs; the right fit for home improvements and the right fit for having your hair done! You are concerned the person you choose will be a dud and you will have wasted valuable time and money and will walk away feeling like a fool! We have all been there; I am no different! That is why I make sure I listen to my clients; listen to what their needs are and go above and beyond to exceed those expectations! It’s not a marketing strategy, it’s simply who I am and how I was raised.

More photographers are hitting the scene every day! I would be lying if I told you I was the cheapest around; I am not. I am not the most expensive either. I am what smart moms and brides refer to as a tremendous value! Simply put, I am worth your investment. If you want the most expensive photographer out there so you can brag about how much money you spent on your images, I encourage you to find someone else.

In this day in age, too many are looking for the cheapest way out. It only takes one time being ‘burned’ to realize, cheaper is not always better. How sad would you be if you opted for ‘cheap’ on your Wedding day? What if those images said NOTHING about how you felt as the music started, you entered the church, everyone stands and you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams? How will you feel when you are so excited to show off your newborn’s pictures to the world, only to find out your neighbors pictures look just like yours because the same props and backdrop were used? Clients who are smart, passionate and savvy, will never sacrifice those moments in their lives for cheap; buying cheap, will get you cheap. Investing in Custom Images are PRICELESS because they will last a LIFETIME! This is what will separate you from the masses and allow you to always look back on these moments with favor instead of regret.

Just as important as quality custom images are, so is your experience! It is not hard to get amazing images! In fact, the more fun you are having, the better the images will be! I encourage every client to be relaxed and be themselves! When you are relaxed and having fun, your images will be the type of images everyone else will wish were theirs!

From the day you realize boys aren’t so gross, call me!
From the day your breath was taken away because the pregnancy test reads ‘positive’, call me!
From the time you realize your baby is graduating high school, call me!

Great Photography is not hard! Great Photography isn’t cheap. Great Photography is more than a good picture. Great Photography is an investment. It is an investment in the moments of your life! Don’t let either go to waste!

~Marian 864.529.1463